• Finishing Skylights - Mega Mall
    Date: 16.04.2015

    As large-scale entrepreneur, AL-PROMT managed to complete on time the skylights in the Mega Mall project. The 5 pyramidal skylights and the 5 elliptical skylights are representative for the AL-PROMT company, but also for the largest shopping centre in Romania, Mega Mall. The 2.700 pieces of glass were carefully fixed in their final position by our specialists. We thank our suppliers and partners for the effort they poured into this project.

  • Current project - Aerotec Brasov
    Date: 09.04.2015

    The works on the Aerotec project in Brasov continue, and AL-PROMT promises that its completion will meet all expectations. In this project, the joinery is executed with ALUMIL thermal barrier, insulating glass, and the blinds are executed in the WAREMA system.

  • Current project - Hotel Marriott Herzliya
    Date: 07.04.2015

    The AL-PROMT team has extended its area of activity abroad, as well, more specifically to Herzelya, Israel. The quality of the works executed by AL-PROMT is also appreciated abroad! The facade works are currently on-going. Our clients enjoy the quality of Schüco products at competitive rates. We thank our collaborators abroad for the support they have shown us!

  • Completion of exterior works - Spiru Haret Residence
    Date: 03.04.2015

    AL-PROMT performed cladding on the Spiru Haret Residence building. This complex project was seen as a challenge by our engineers and was approached with maximum attention to details. The work consisted of U-glass cladding, curtain walling and Schüco joinery, and the cladding works were executed from tiled and painted metal sheet and from aluminium composite stuck on the structure.

  • Existing Project - Extension Offices Str. Mavrogheni
    Date: 30.03.2015

    AL-PROMT contracted the works for the extension of the office building in Mavrogheni Street. This small project will surely become an emblem in the centre of Bucharest. Located near Coltea Hospital, it distinguishes itself through the combination of cladding, the work consisting in: aluminium slats, large point-fixed glass and cladding with powder-coated aluminium sheet.

  • Project underway - ELI-NP
    Date: 18.03.2015

    AL-PROMT prides itself on the fact that it is a participant in the erection of the largest scientific research centre in Europe, namely ELI – NP (The Extreme Light Infrastructure - NUCLEAR PHYSICS FACILITY) in Magurele. On this occasion, AL-PROMT has masterfully executed the glass curtain walls and the skylights. Although it is a hall project, the locks have been executed carefully by our specialists so that, on its completion, the project would distinguish itself through the qualitative facade execution.

  • Opening of the Haus der Zukunft-Futurium Museum
    Date: 10.07.2017

    If you are in Berlin near the central station, you should not miss this museum. A future incursion into every room and the most complex facade we have ever made.
    The façade being a matrix splitting of the digital space applied in the made is made of stainless steel and textured glass serigraphy on face 1. Of the 8800 pieces of stainless steel panels made half were special and required a separate design.
    It is an experience we expect the rebound effect. The new generations of architects will be inspired and put to the test. We know what we have to do! Challenge us!

  • Complexity and rigor in the Dorothien Quartier Stuttgart project
    Date: 14.06.2017

    We can say that we also put our shoulder to this project. Hundreds of items were produced in Romania by AL-PROMT specializing in the large-scale production of element-type facade systems.
    Quality was impeccable and we've improved our know-how working on the Wicona system on the facade element. We look forward to future projects of facade element and hope to be able to put them at the disposal of our clients in Romania.

  • One Charles de Gaulles Plaza has a detailed design
    Date: 10.05.2017

    We have designed over 200 detail plans and sections for the implementation of the specialized project. Together with X-arhitecture and the final customer we managed to choose the best solutions for this facade.
    We note the use of Corian for jardiniere boards, slim sliding systems for sizes too large, more than 2,8 m tall, steel-like carpentry and industrial base rails at the base.

  • Israeli culture and history applied to the facade
    Date: 01.05.2017

    The second project made by our company in Israel. This is a conversion of a residential property into a hotel. It's worth seeing closely because the architectural reason is an extraordinary one. Architect Guy-Igra has implemented a vision through us.
    Before running, we tested together with Dow Corning the adherence of materials and their compatibility for the architectural firm and the client to enjoy many years before this facade.

  • A new project - Orhideea Towers
    Date: 01.04.2017

    The projects where the execution deadline is to be as short as possible and the highest quality have also increased in Romania. More and more investors opt for façade element systems to dress the concrete structure.
    This project, together with PORR CONSTRUCT SRL, is a complex one. Specially extruded profiles, textured special painting, glass with the highest characteristics in the market are all used in this project. We want a quality work and we are sure we will deliver a product beyond the customer's expectations.

  • Teaching a new mall in Bucharest
    Date: 01.09.2016

    Another mall in Bucharest, another project where AL-PROMT was involved. And, as we used to, the most difficult part was made by us. Most of the skylights and glass roof of Greenhouse were and remain under our responsibility. A project in which I put a lot of soul that is representative and innovative through the architecture presented.
    The perimeter closings were outlined and the details were made with the customer's consultant on the facade side, NEW SKY SYSTEMS, which we thank for trust.

  • The first project in Israel finalized
    Date: 14.08.2016

    This 161-room hotel in Herzelya (the luxurious resort of Tel Aviv) was Israel's first AL-PROMT project. After we started the collaboration in 2015 and we carefully worked out the design process, our company started building on site with its own staff, to which were added local collaborators.
    The architecture presented was complex due to cast concrete frames and very large glass sheets> 2x2,2 m weighing 200 Kg / piece. The cast concrete frames combined with the semi-structural curtain wall system have given the imagination desired by the architectural company RANNI ZISS Architecture LTD.
    Al-Promt closed the building, finished all the finishes and handed it to the client at European standards.

  • Clemenceau 11 - a home of architecture
    Date: 01.08.2016

    The GF + 4 office building, although it has changed its name from the Architecture House in Clemenceau 11, offers a visitor into the complex world of architecture. Here, attention is drawn to the new: Venetian blinds in the top-floor glass, but also industrial concepts combined with a durable planking with travertine.
    The use of the 8 mm cornet has astonished the eyes of many people who have crossed this street. Corten board processing is not available to anyone and after Clemenceau's experience we can say we master the treatment process.
    In addition, the curtain walls are remarkable by using both inside and outside the decorative caps of the narrow S-line profiles, the glass presenting as a transparent panel fixed to 2 flats, one on the inside and the other on the outside. I worked with a customer who helped us and helped me with the job and with whom I had a very good collaboration.

  • Switzerland - an altitude challenge
    Date: 01.01.2016

    Working at altitude was a challenge for both us and our collaborators. We have succeeded with KXL architecture to solve all the details and to give our client a sports hall to be proud of in the Vaud canton.
    In this project we have installed special sandwich panels with natural wood or fiber cement lamellae, photovoltaic panels, motorized lamellae, steel doors with thermal barrier and everything that kept the inside and outside with glass.
    More than 2500 m2 of enveloping was achieved in half a year of intense work.
    Thank the client and the architecture company for your confidence!

  • Promenade Mall
    Date: 16.02.2015

    Promenada Mall represented a special project in which our specialists' artistry can be observed by anyone visiting the building.
    The one-direction and two-direction curved glass required special attention both during manufacturing and during execution. By completing this project, AL-PROMT can be distinguished as the most experienced contractor in point-fixed glass systems in the country.
    We are grateful to the contractors and investors in this project for this opportunity.